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Defence minister: Western Balkans’ security Hungary’s priority

Defence minister: Western Balkans’ security Hungary’s priority

The security of the western Balkans is highly important for Hungary, the defence minister told public TV channel M1 on Monday, after returning from a trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Tibor Benkő visited Hungarian troops in that country last week and also held talks with Marina Pendes, his counterpart.

He told the channel that Pendes praised Hungarian peace-keepers for their performance, as well as asked Hungary’s support in her country’s Euro-Atlantic integration.

Asked about the upgrade of the Hungarian air force’s, Benkő noted the government decision on November 29, 2016, on purchasing a pool of five new aircraft in two phases.

The purchase of two aircraft for transporting troops and another two multipurpose small aircraft has already taken place, the minister said.

He said that another three aircraft for combat airborne operation would also be purchased later on.

Featured image: MTI/AP

Source: MTI

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