márta demeter lmp party co-leader Hungary

The congress of green opposition LMP elected Márta Demeter as the co-leader of the party in Budapest on Saturday.

Demeter, who ran alone for the post, has so far been deputy group leader of LMP.

Demeter will fill the post of Bernadett Szél, who resigned in August after LMP’s ethics committee barred her from holding any positions within the party for three years. László Lóránt Keresztes is LMP’s other co-leader.

Speaking at a press conference after the vote, Demeter called her party “the government’s toughest adversary” and said that “the current regime will collapse like a house of cards”. Once that happens, LMP will “be ready for government”, she said, and pledged “maximum support” to LMP’s current policy.

Demeter called preparations for the upcoming European Parliamentary elections and Hungary’s municipal elections a priority, in the interest of “starting a new age next year”.

She said that “not only a new European Parliament and a new European Commission are needed” but also MEPs that represent “real national values” and can provide stability and security for the people “rather than promote multinational companies”.

Regarding questions Demeter put to government officials last week on the passengers of a military airplane and suggesting that a member of the prime minister’s family was among them, Demeter said that the data she published were publicly accessible.

She will continue to “hold the government accountable” in the future, she said.

Source: MTI

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