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Budapest, 2018. október 3. Demeter Márta, az LMP parlamenti képviselõje felszólal a Sargentini-jelentésre reagáló határozati javaslat vitájában az Országgyûlés plenáris ülésén 2018. október 3-án. Balról Ungár Péter, az LMP képviselõje. MTI Fotó: Kovács Attila

The parliamentary group of ruling Fidesz has called on LMP MP Márta Demeter to return her mandate for “disclosing classified information and slandering innocent people”, group leader Máté Kocsis told a press conference on Wednesday.

Referring to press reports, Kocsis said that Demeter (LMP) had “mixed up one of the prime minister’s daughters with a two-year-old girl of the same name” and disclosed “sensitive” military information “in the hopes of political gains” when she had suggested that the prime minister’s family flew home from Cyprus on an aircraft of the Hungarian military.

News portal Origo on Tuesday identified young passenger Flóra Orbán as the daughter of an officer serving in Cyprus.

With other family members, she was returning home after visiting her father at his post.

Kocsis said that Demeter had seen documents concerning the flight and “it must have been clear that none of the other passengers were relatives of the prime minister” and concluded that “she must have been aware that it was not the prime minister’s family”.

Unless Demeter quits her seat, Fidesz will call on her group to withdraw her from the post of deputy chair of the law enforcement committee, and exclude her over her “inaptitude”, Kocsis said.


As we wrote a few days ago, LMP’s parliamentary group leader, Márta Demeter, is running as the sole candidate for the green opposition party’s post of co-leader, which Bernadett Szél recently vacated, read more HERE.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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