Budapest, October 9 (MTI) – The model of a liberal democracy has suffered a crisis in many states over the past years; one way to remedy this situation could be through cooperation by the United States and Europe and refuelling economic growth, acclaimed US political scientist Francis Fukuyama said in Budapest on Friday.

Fukuyama spoke at a conference entitled “Democracy and its Discontents” that focused on the United States and Europe at the Central European University (CEU).

He said that although democracy has undergone a crisis giving way to authoritarian governments in many countries, the public’s desire for democracy has remained unbroken, and, ultimately, people’s expectations towards such a system has even strengthened.

Commenting on Hungary, Fukuyama said he was “shocked” to hear Prime Minister Viktor Orban talk about an “illiberal democracy” last year which he said contravened fundamental European norms.

He said the most recent example of Hungary drifting away from a European consensus is the government’s migration policies.

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  1. Oh, great! Now the product of a former facist state, also sided with the Nazis, pulverized by the Americans. Want’s to teach our young about ‘democracy’? The same country who showed racism to it’s neighbouring country’s (China, Taiwan, Korea, etc.) along with horrid atrocities of murder, theft and rape? A country who invented the ‘Mafia’ known to them as the ‘Yakuza’, wants to teach our young about what our prime minister Orban is shockingly doing wrong? Go home you joke and fool!!

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