Hundreds of people were singing the Hungarian Anthem in Sepsiszentgyorgy and Csikszereda on Wednesday afternoon on a protest launched by the Hungarian Civic Party (MPP), Alfahí says.

Participants of the events made it clear: they are tired of the anti-Hungarian manifestations. More and more people are gathering in front of the prefecture building every day: while , on Tuesday, 400 people marched in the streets for the call of the MPP, nearly 1000 people did this on Wednesdsay – old and young, locals and people from the nearby villages. They were waving Hungarian and Szekler flags and singing the national prayer several times.

According to Alfahí, on the event, there were the Hungarian Historic Churches, the RMDSZ, the Transylvanian Hungarian People’s Party (EMNP) and the Szekler National Council (SZNC). However, Marius Popica, prefect of Kovasna county, promised on his press conference on Monday to reserve the singers personally, proving he admires the Hungarian Anthem, he did not appear in front of the government agency.

Hundreds sang the Hungarian, then the Szekler Anthem on the Szabadsag square in Csikszereda. Kalman Raduly, RMDSZ- mayor of Csikszereda said, it is regrettable that one has to protest against anti-Hungarian actions on the 25th anniversary of the Timisoara Revolution. The representatives of the Csikszereda consulate of Hungary also participated in the event.

based on the articleof Alfahí
translated by BA


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