Budapest (MTI) – The demonstrations against the planned internet tax have been “a victory”, as the economy ministry has taken steps to withdraw the related bill submitted to parliament, organisers said at a gathering on Friday evening in Budapest.

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Demonstrators filled József Nádor square near the ministry building, the site of earlier larger demonstrations, and welcomed the withdrawal of the bill. There was no march held this time, but several speakers addressed the event.

“Prime Minister Viktor Orbán for the first time had to admit that his tax is not supported by the majority of the people,” Balazs Gulyas, the organiser of the Facebook group “One hundred thousand against the internet tax” said.

Károly Füzessy, a student activist, said that their “task” was far from over and added that there was no need for the public debate on the tax flagged by Orbán because that had been done already.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told public radio on Friday that the tax bill before parliament needs to be amended as the expanded telecoms tax cannot be introduced “in its present form” due to a lack of support. He called for national consultations on the internet and its financing in January.

Demonstrations were held in Szeged and Pécs, too, on Friday.

Photo: MTI – Janos Marjai


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