(MTI) – The life of Cardinal Jozsef Mindszenty set an example for all Hungarians and all Christians, Sandor Lezsak, Deputy Speaker of Parliament, said in Budapest on Saturday.

The cardinal is “promoting a living faith” and his memory is present “when we are speaking about him”, Lezsak told a conference organised by the Mindszenty Foundation and the Mindszenty Society in the Parliament.

Many people are working to make the cardinal’s life an example to be followed by the upcoming generations, he said. Lezsak announced that a Mindszenty statue would be unveiled in Esztergom in May.

Cardinal Mindszenty (1892-1975), Archbishop of Esztergom, was arrested by the communist authorities in 1948 and sentenced to life imprisonment on trumped-up charges in 1949. He was freed from prison by the 1956 revolution but after its defeat he was forced to seek asylum at the US Embassy in Budapest. He remained there until 1971, when he was allowed to leave for the West.

Photo: MTI

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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