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Viktor Orbán and Péter Szijjártó are also talking more and more often about certain coronavirus vaccines from China and Russia, which can even be used in Hungary. However, the majority of Hungarians prefer to rely on European preparations, according to the representative research of the Pulzus researcher.

The government has agreed with Russia that Hungary wants to buy a Russian vaccine, and in December, they can deliver smaller quantities of it so that the necessary tests can be carried out in Hungary. By the second half of January, it may also be realistic to be able to buy larger quantities from Russia; Péter Szijjártó said that the issue of the vaccine would be politicised, writes Napi.

Efforts must be made to obtain the vaccine from as many sources as possible, said Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, in a statement to the Russian television channel RT on Wednesday.

Péter Szijjártó is probably not mistaken, as the government has maintained close ties with Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, China, and other moderately democratic countries over the past 10 years under the heading of “opening to the east” and has entered into deals with them that are questionable. For example, the Russian metro cars, Paks 2, or the precious Budapest-Belgrade railway line. Szijjárto said earlier that the Russian vaccine will be available in Hungary from December.

The government is still waiting for Russian and Chinese samples, which will be tested, but bad news has come from both countries over the past few weeks. The Russian vaccine was found to not work in several patients, and the Russian authorities had already authorised it before testing was completed. According to the Moscow Times, at least three health workers were infected with the coronavirus after being vaccinated with a Russian vaccine called Sputnik V. The Hungarian government also plans to buy this product.

The perfect vaccine has also not yet been developed in China, and clinical testing of a vaccine developed by the pharmaceutical company Sinovac in Brazil had to be suspended due to a “serious side effect” on October 29. Of course, suspending testing does not mean that these formulas are completely unreliable. Previously, the testing of the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines also had to be stopped for a while because one of the test subjects experienced a serious side effect. The European Commission has also signed a contract with AstraZeneca, Sanofi-GSK, and Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies in the Johnson & Johnson group for the supply of vaccines and, more recently, Pfizer and BioNTech, which, according to preliminary data collected in its final stages, showed an efficiency of over 90%.

It seems that Hungarians also tend to trust the European vaccine,

as 53 per cent of them would only give themselves what the European Union has allowed. The proportion of those who would even give the Chinese or Russian vaccine immediately was only 11 per cent, while 10 per cent stated that they would only use them if the epidemic situation further worsened, according to Napi.

At the same time, it is alarming that 17 per cent of people would not take any vaccine against the coronavirus, and 9 per cent reject all vaccinations as they are anti-vaccination. Research has also shown that the higher the level of education, the more trust there is in only European-licensed vaccinations, and the proportion of those who do not receive vaccination is much lower than among those who have graduated or those who have completed primary school.

Not only education but also the place of residence determines the attitude of Hungarians towards vaccinations. For example, 16 per cent of those living in municipalities would inject the Russian or Chinese vaccine immediately, compared to 7-9 per cent of those living in larger settlements. The research also revealed that vaccination resistance is strongest in smaller settlements and least common in Budapest. Budapest also has the most trust in the products for which the EU has given its blessing.

While only 49 per cent of 18-39-year-olds would submit a product approved exclusively by the European Union, this proportion is over 59 per cent. In contrast, elderly people would get the highest proportion (14 per cent) of Russian vaccinations immediately. However, the older someone is, the less anti-vaccination they are.

The gender breakdown shows that there are far more women who refuse vaccination against the coronavirus, but the overall prevalence of vaccination is also higher among them.


  1. All the NONSENSE about which vaccine ‘works’ or has ‘least side-effects’ is just that – NONSENSE !

    Viruses continually MUTATE and the coronavirus is no exception.

    In all probability, there will be NO effective vaccine for mass immunisation before the middle of next year (July 2021) and anyone – including desperate governments – claiming otherwise is in ‘cuckoo land’.

  2. What an Opportunity.
    The first batch of vaccine approved by Hungarian Medical Authorities – and Government approved – picture this scene of – Unity and Confidence.
    In front of our Parliament Building in Budapest, Hungary, standing together United and Confident, in the vaccine agreed, to commence the population of Hungary from the contacting and spreading of this deadly novel virus.
    The President – Prime Minister and all his Government, their right or left arms exposed to receive their vaccine immunization shot.
    What confidence that would instill into the population of Hungary.
    If it is the Chinese version or the Russian version – and its openly disclosed, if this was to be the scene, peoples Doubt may be lessened, by seeing their President – Prime Minister and all Government – being the first to be immunized.
    What a vote catcher this could be for the present Government in the 2022 elections.
    Leading from the front – respectfully I write – being the human “guinea pigs” of the Hungarian people, what an OPPORTUNITY – that to support the choice of vaccine, we witness the scene and participants as referred.
    What an OPPORTUNITY.
    Personally, my confidence will be in what Angela Merkel signs off on.
    Trepidation is my position – on any form of vaccine – that is not approved under the firm and strict guidelines of The European Union.
    Each to there own – they say and at the end of the day, its our life – our bodies and we determine in this case of a vaccine immunization, what we think and believe, will serve our life survival best.
    What an OPPORTUNITY – to lead us Forward.

  3. #Albert: Chortle! You were on good form when you wrote that! They should have tested these unkown vaccines on Sziijarto before he jetted off to become a superspreader in Asia!

  4. It was clear to every one that ‘war of vaccine’. EU and US will like that only their vaccine is used. After all it is a billion dollars business. The real battle will be in Third World Countries to enforce their brand of vaccine. Is any body is really interested in the health of humans rather than politics and business.

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