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The SEA ← YOU trains are back: this year’s first Adria express will leave Keleti Railway Station at 6:55 p.m. on 14 June, and it goes directly to Split, Croatia. The season has finally begun.

The SEA←YOU trains of MÁV include the Adria and Istria express trains that go from Keleti and Déli Railway Stations directly to the Adriatic sea. These trains are only available for the summer season. The Adria express will leave daily from 14 June, while the Istria express kicks off next Friday, on 21 June, Turizmus Online reports.  

These trains usually leave in the evening or at night. Passengers spend the night on the train and are expected to arrive at the sea the next morning. This way, you can save two nights worth of accommodation and spend more on cocktails.

The SEA ← YOU trains are one of the cheapest ways to get to the sea from Budapest.

The SEA ← YOU Adria express

The SEA ← YOU Adria express will leave every day at 6:55 p.m. from 14 June until 6 September. It is a direct train from Budapest Keleti Railway Station to Split, Croatia. Passengers can transfer on the way to Zadar or Šibenik. As an added bonus, you can also bring your bicycle along with you.

The SEA ← YOU Istria express

The SEA ← YOU Istria express is available from 21 June until 30 August.

With the Istria express, passengers can get to either Rijeka, Opatija or Koper. Passengers can transfer on the way to Pula or Trieste. Do not worry, bicycles are allowed on the Istria express as well.

In the seating carriages, passengers are placed in individual cabins with either 6 or 8 seats per cabin. The glass door can be locked from the inside, and the lighting can be individually controlled in each cabin. The sleeping carriage is equipped with closed cabins, lavatory, and beds.

Source: www.turizmusonline.hu

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