The small town of Haj贸s in B谩cs-Kiskun County is famous for its wine cellars, a unique place in Hungary popular among tourists and all across the European continent. This treasure in the country welcomes everyone who would like to see unique and historical cellars related to the famous Hungarian wine culture surrounded by a beautiful environment.

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Haj贸s is a quiet little town with 3,000 residents, an ideal place for a long weekend getaway. The town has something special with which it stands out of the many wonderful towns where one can try famous Hungarian wines: the so-called pincefalu (cellar village).

Haj贸s, Hungary, wine cellars

Soksz铆n疟 Vid茅k reported that in the narrow little streets of Haj贸s, one wine cellar follows another one with colourful paintings on their walls and Hungarian folk motives decorating them. In 1728, German people moved to the area who started the harvesting of grapes and making excellent and delicious wines that have been attracting tourists and wine lovers ever since. Wine production in Haj贸s started in the 1700s.

Haj贸s, wine cellars, Hungary

By the 1800s, there were more than 850 wine cellars in the town, and wine tourism started to provide the majority of the income for the people of Haj贸s. In the beginning, guests were accommodated in the hosts鈥 own homes, but this tradition later changed, and guesthouses were built.

The area consists of almost 1,300 wine cellars, which makes it a unique place in Hungary and on the continent.聽

Hungary, wine cellars, Haj贸s
Haj贸s, Hungary, wine, wine cellars

The unique wine cellars are located three kilometres away from Haj贸s, decorated with Hungarian folk motives and grapes as well in connection with the area’s number one duty that is producing Hungarian wines. From the beginning of the 1900s, red wine was the number one product of the wine cellars while from the 1930s, more modern cellars were added to the current look of the area.聽

Each year, the town of Haj贸s hosts, besides the annual harvest festival, the St. Orb谩n Wine Festival at the end of May. The festival commemorates the patron saint of grapes and wine: St. Orb谩n. The festival attracts many tourists each year; most of the visitors come from certain areas of Germany.

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The picturesque cellars of Gombos Hill with their characteristic triangle-shaped doors became a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site as true masterpieces of folk architecture. The wine cellars belong to the well-known Tokaj Wine Region and are located on the board of Hercegk煤t, a small Swabian village just 3 km away from S谩rospatak, Csod谩latos Magyarorsz谩g writes.



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