Gombos Hill Wine Cellars
Photo: Hungarian Tourism Agency Ltd. (facebook.com/wellspringofwonders)

The picturesque cellars of Gombos Hill with their characteristic triangle-shaped doors became a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site as true masterpieces of folk architecture.

The wine cellars belong to the well-known Tokaj Wine Region and are located on the board of Hercegkút, a small Swabian village just 3 km away from Sárospatak, Csodálatos Magyarország writes.

The Tokaj Wine Region has been on the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Site as a cultural landscape since 2002.

They say that one wine cellar belongs to each house in Hercegkút. Swabians established the village in the 18th century, and they played a crucial role in the evolution of viticulture. There are many local winemakers in Hercegkút today who love to share their insights and their delicious products with interested visitors.

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The North-Western edge of the village features Kőporosi Hill with over 80 cellars on three to four levels going up the hillside.

Gombos Hill is located on the South-Eastern border of the village. There are almost 80 cellars there, standing in four rows with their characteristic triangular entrances. The cellars are usually two-tiered, but we can find three-branch basements too. 10-40 metres below the surface, the cellars form a multi-level cellar system.

The entrance of the cellars is usually a harder, andesite rock, but inside, there is a softer, rhyolite tuff which is characteristic of most cellars in the Tokaj Wine Region.

If we follow a sacred route up the hill, we will find a religious memorial looking over the village of Hercegkút. This is a 14-station calvary built in 2004.

Source: www.csodalatosmagyarorszag.hu; www.visitworldheritage.com

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