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The origins of Mother’s Day celebration date back to ancient Greece, where at the time, the Mother of the Gods, Rhea, was greeted. Since then, the goddess cult has grown into an international holiday which is celebrated all over the world. Even though Mother’s Day customs are basically similar – children surprise their mums with a bouquet of flowers or a hand-made gift – still, there are some interesting and unique traditions. Let us see what they are 😉


America can be considered the birthplace of ​​Mother’s Day, being the first continent in the world where it was officially declared a national holiday.

According to the legend, the American Anna Jarvis who had been fighting for this special occasion in memory of her beloved mother can be thanked for International Mother’s Day.

Since then, Mother’s Day has had great importance in the states. According to surveys, phone lines are the busiest on that day, while tables in restaurants should be reserved weeks before, as children do not let their mothers work in the kitchen on that day.

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In Peru, not only mothers but also the motherland are celebrated every year in early August. The motherland, also known as Pachamama, is an ancient mythological deity worshipped by locals. On the second Sunday in May, Peruvian mothers are celebrated with homemade gifts. Some communities commemorate deceased mothers on this day.


In the South American country, Mother’s Day is among the most important holidays. On the second Sunday in May, children often do performances for their mothers and then go to church together. At the end of the day, all members of the family gather and bake together.


Just like in America, Mother’s Day in Australia is also held on the second weekend of May. According to Napi Doktor, during this special holiday, everyone wears carnations on their clothes: coloured carnations symbolise those mothers who are still alive, and white carnations pay homage to the deceased parents. Australians pay tribute not only to mothers but also to grandmothers and all those women who took care of them. On this day, children pamper the beloved women as a sign of their respect, bringing them breakfast to bed and giving them special gifts.

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Even though Mother’s Day is a relatively new holiday in India that has not yet been officially declared a holiday, it has become very popular within a decade. Being a novel holiday, it has no great tradition; however, mothers are now celebrated even in the smallest villages, just like in America, on the second Sunday of May. Delhi has the biggest celebration, with restaurants offering special offers and souvenir shops full of trinkets. In addition to Mother’s Day in May, in the Hindu-populated parts of the country, the majestic mother – the ancient Durga Puja – is also celebrated in October. During the 10-day-long festival, India pays tribute to the victory of good over evil.


Children in the country of the rising sun try to make the most of themselves on Mother’s Day as well. They make several drawings for the second Sunday in May and surprise their mothers with special artistic compositions. In the Asian country, it is appropriate to give red carnations, but roses and greeting cards are also common gifts. Mothers and their children usually make sushi together on this special day.


According to Bors Online, the East Asian country is the only country in the world where mothers are celebrated twice a year. Once on 8 March within the framework of International Women’s Day, and then on 1 June that has been held together with Children’s Day since 1995. On these days, schools and offices are closed, and larger spaces are filled with celebrating families.


There is no set date for Mother’s Day in this African country. As soon as the rainy season is over, the so-called Antrosht Festival is held for three days, celebrating mothers. The girls get vegetables, butter, spices, and cheeses, while the boys get different meats, especially lamb. These are used to make traditional dishes, and families sing and dance together.

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In France, Napoleon was the first who mentioned Mother’s Day as a holiday. Still, it officially became a holiday in 1950, held in late May or sometimes early June. On this special day, French mothers can relax all day long while their children fulfil all their wishes.


In Sweden, Mother’s Day has grown into a common charity celebration. On this day, many people buy the small plastic flowers of the Red Cross and put them on their clothes. The amount of income is given to children and mothers in need.


As Impress Magazin reports, in Hungary, a ministerial decree listed Mother’s Day as one of the official school celebrations in 1928, perhaps that is why rhyming has become popular on that day.

Besides poems, mothers are also surprised with a bouquet of flowers or a hand-made gift.

For those who live far away from their parents, sending flowers or surprising mothers with a sweet little message can be a perfect gift, especially now when we should wait a bit with kisses and hugs.

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