It is finally decided that divers will perform their jumps right opposite to the Parliament during the 2017 World Aquatics Championships. Also, Budapest and the government divided the costs of the pool and the surrounding infrastructure, writes

The government is going to pay for the construction of different institutions, therefore the Hungarian National Asset Management Inc. (MNV) finances the location of the championship, the Dagály Swimming Complex and its renovation. MNV also covers the costs of the huge diving tower which will be located on Bem Quay near Batthyányi Square, and several other works such as the parking lots and the changing of different pipes.

The renovation of the Császár-Komjádi Sports Swimming Pool, the Alfréd Hajós National Swimming Stadium, and the Tamás Széchy Swimming Complex is financed by the National Sport Centres (MNSK), while Budapest covers the costs of pedestrian-and bicycle paths which run along the Danube in District V and XIII, the construction of a footbridge over the Rákos Brook, and the costs of the access control system at the Centre of the Margaret Island. MNSK also finances the full renovation of the Island (except for the sports facilities), and the construction of a ferry pier.

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