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DK: Hungary should adopt EU refugee policy

DK: Hungary should adopt EU refugee policy

Röszke, May 5 (MTI) – Hungary should join the European Union’s common refugee policy, MEP Péter Niedermüller, deputy leader of the Democratic Coalition (DK), said after visiting the Röszke transit zone in the company of two Social Democrat European parliamentarians on Friday.

Niedermüller praised the staff of the zone for their tireless efforts to ensure that refugees experiencing one of the toughest periods of their lives can preserve their human dignity.

Hungarian laws, however, are “needless and inhumane” as there is no need to establish “extreme” institutions from taxpayer money, he said.

It is not the construction of new fences and transit zones but all member states’ involvement in the common refugee policy that will enable Europe to meet the challenges of migration, Niedermüller said.

Fina Aristic

Austrian MEP Josef Weidenholzer said that in spite of all the efforts made by the zone’s staff, it was questionable whether Hungary’s institutions fell in line with the EU’s refugee policy.

Weidenholzer called for more intensive efforts to stabilise the situation in the countries of origin. Further, there is a pressing need to resolve the fate of 80,000-90,000 people stranded along the Balkan migration route, he said.

German MEP Birgit Sippel said that although Hungary’s had repeatedly rejected criticism of conditions in the transit zones, the facility encircled by a high barbed-wire fence exactly looked like how an average European imagines a prison.

Issuing a statement, ruling Fidesz found it shocking that in a period when Europe is hit by mass migration and terrorist attacks, “the allies of (US financier) George Soros in Brussels assisted by the Hungarian left wing” said that the fence, the legal border seal and the transit zones are “needless”. Hungary is fulfilling its EU obligation when it protects the Schengen border and through this the whole of Europe, Fidesz said.

Niedermüller and the left-liberal MEPs who accompanied him are supporters of Brussels’ migration policy, it said.

“The visit by Soros’s allies in Röszke is part of the pressure imposed by Soros and Brussels on Hungary aimed at forcing the country to remove the fence, cancel the legal border seal and accept the migration quota,” it added.

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Source: MTI


  1. martaburka

    Think back to 2015 when 400,000 migrants/refugees invaded Hungary. The invaders acted in a totally lawless manner. No sane politician would open up any country to invasion (the take over of Keleti Train Station where the soil had to be sterilized after migrant left). There is also the crime that is committed by migrants, particularly the young men. There is rape, robbery, welfare cheating. Terrorists attacks killed countless people in Brussels, Paris, Niece, London and all over Germany.

    We are also observing a civil war. People who supposedly left their country because of violence, are killing each other in refugee/migrant camps. Muslim governments also deny Israel the right to exist. Because of the large number of Muslims how do countries ensure that no violence will be committed against Jewish people.

    It is true that not all Muslim refugees/migrants belong to the criminal group. Countries that have large Muslim populations have not had any success in separating the innocents from radical and criminals.

    Why does the EU want Hungary to have the same problem that they are having? According to statistics every county that has accepted large number of migrants reported a rise in crime rates in the last two years.

    Many citizens of EU countries do not mind paying the cost for lawlessness but give the right to those countries who would rather spend their money on other things.

  2. Vedo

    @Democratic Coalition (DK)

    You DK are a clear bunch of dumbasses that failed history and much more and should never have been allowed to get into politics with your stupid and naive opinions. Luckily the common Hungarian is nowhere even close to being as stupid and naive as you, thank god. As for the border seal, it’s NOT! Bring identification, stop you non-righteous protests as you have none, and suck up and follow the asylum law if you are a REAR refugee. If your an econotourist or worst, you’ll be rejected this way or captured and tossed in prison, hopefully a Turkisk one along side SOROS!

  3. edward

    They should have locked up the socialist “invaders”. Hungary should submit a bill for stopping the muslim invaders from moving deeper into Europe.

  4. robin Watts

    There is no logic for uncontrolled mass immigration. I understand that there are some 60,000 of them pouring in each week into Italy in a never ending stream of which most appeared to be economic. In order to accommodate such people you need an infrastructure of schools, hospitals, housing and more important jobs for them and the means of paying for all this.
    The reason was two fold firstly to shore up the declining population of the indigenous European population and secondly as in the case of the UK to keep wages down which has led to poverty and a lack of housing to accommodate immigrants. It is a make believe land which is about to come unstuck as industry is now designing technology to do away with these menial jobs. Ten years ago the EU should have thought through better and engaged the public in consultation perhaps using both quotas and visas of fixed time stays. Lastly should have got to grips with the cultural differences of the incomers and forced them to integrate properly and accept western culture, not ghetto-ize

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