The Hungarian Medical Chamber has turned to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán regarding the salaries of doctors at the start of their career.

A beginner emergency doctor earns about €494 a month, which would make their hourly wage no more than that of a fast-food restaurant’s employee’s, reported RTL Klub Híradó.

According to Péter Álmos, Vice President of the Hungarian Medical Chamber, even a specialist earns less than a workman. He also said that there is no sign of a rise in next year’s budget, which they have had negotiations about with the government before the pandemic hit.

Not raising the salaries could leave to even more doctors leaving the country or the profession.

Viktor Orbán has promised additional benefits worth €1,450, which comes in handy; however, doctors would like to have some regularity in their lives and not so unpredictable work hours, Álmos also revealed.

The Medical Chamber would like beginner doctors to earn €8.7, specialists €13 and a specialist of over 41 years to earn €22 an hour. Negotiations started with the Ministry of Human Resources in January, but because of the new coronavirus, they had to be postponed until after the pandemic.

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  1. The government is beyond hope. Boys building stadiums for playing games while the population suffers. What happened to the “Hungarian Paradise” that V.O. promised? Oh Wait. He only meant that for his close friends and fellow theives. I would love to live in Hugary again but I cannot live there with so much corruption. I would not want children working there. So sad.

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