The Hungarian breeds of domestic animals are often seen as national symbols in Hungary. 

Hungarian dog breeds include :

  • flock guards and herding dog breeds, such as the Kuvasz, Komondor, Puli
  • pointers, such as the smooth-coated and wire-haired Vizslas (Wiredhaired Vizsla)
  • scenthounds and sighthounds, such as the Erdélyi Kopó (Transylvanian hound) and Magyar Agár (Hungarian Greyhound)
  • two smaller dog breeds, the Mudi, and Pumi

The Komondor is a large(many are over 30 inches tall), flock guard dog that was used to protect sheep from wolves. The body is covered by a heavy, matted, corded coat that provides protection against extreme weather conditions and predators, such as wolves.
The Komondor’s temperament is like that of most livestock guarding dogs; it is calm and steady when things are normal, but in case of trouble, the dog will fearlessly defend its charges. It was bred to think and act independently and make decisions on its own.


The Kuvasz has historically been used as a royal guard dog, or to guard livestock, but has been increasingly found in homes as a pet over the last seventy years. It is a large, white flock-guarding, one-family dog with a dense double, odorless coat which is white in color and can range from wavy to straight in texture.


Kuvaszok(plural of Kuvasz) are extremely intelligent, but they aren’t easy to train. Their fierce independence makes them a challenge even for experienced dog owners.

Magyar agár (Hungarian Greyhound)

Fast, tough and robust, the Hungarian Greyhound is excellent on the racetrack. The breed is somewhat reserved by nature, yet not shy. It is sensible, intelligent and faithful, and makes an excellent companion and watchdog. As with all dogs, early socialization is a must.


A very rare all-round working dog breed used for herding, ratting and the hunting of small game. Although the breed is much less popular than the better-known Puli and Komondor in its native country, owners of the Mudi claim that it is incomparable for its versatile talents and pleasant disposition.



A small-medium flock guardian dog breed with a heavily corded coat, similar to the Komondor, but usually black instead of white. The dogs used to be shorn together with the sheep to keep them cool during the hot summers.
Thanks to his self-confidence and intelligence, the Puli will have no problem being the center of attention in your home.


The Pumi is a medium-small terrier-type breed of sheep dog that is energetic, lively and ready to work. They combine the intelligence of the herding dog along with the alertness of a terrier. Once a sheepdog, the Pumi is now mostly seen as a pet.

Erdélyi Kopó (Transylvanian hound)


A smooth-coated, red-and-tan or tricolored (black, tan and white) scenthound that descend from crosses between the original Hungarian hound and hounds brought by the Magyars when they invaded Hungary in the ninth century. The breed is extremely loyal and friendly. They are very good natured and well mannered with both people and other dogs.


vizslaPhoto: Leigh Rabby

The Hungarian Vizsla are sporting dogs and loyal companions, in addition to being the smallest of the all-round pointer-retriever breeds. This breed is a super companion for an active family who can provide it with the exercise and attention it craves.

Drótszőrű Magyar Vizsla (Wiredhaired Vizsla)


Wirehaired Vizslas are known as excellent hunting dogs, and also have a level personality making them suited for families. Like the Vizsla, Wirehaired Vizslas are very high energy, gentle-mannered, loyal, caring, and highly affectionate. They quickly form close bonds with their owners, including children.

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  1. We had two Pulis (plural Pulii?) Great dogs. One major problem, they are very intelligent. They figure things out quickly and formulate their own game plan. Cheeky, stubborn and very very loyal.

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