Where are more cat owners than dog owners? Which is preferred in Hungary? One of the most divisive contraries is between cat owners and dog owners: some adore dogs, while others love cats. But how is it in terms of Europe?

The bloggers of Európa Pont has examined the numbers of dog and cat owners in some European countries. The data are from the most recent summaries of the European Pet Food Industry Federation. Where mainly cats are kept, there is a symbol of a cat; where there is a majority of dog owners, there is a dog symbol. To make it even easier, ”cat countries” are coloured in yellow, ”dog countries” in blue.

As it can be seen, Hungary belongs to the cat lovers – however, the race is very close, because according to the data, 2.5 million cats and 2.1 million dogs are kept. The competition is also quite balanced at the level of the continent, as among the countries examined, 10 like dogs and 14 like cats.

According to the research data, 24% of the households in the European Union have cats, and 25% have dogs. (The figures for all the European countries are: 24% cats, 24 dogs – however, to make it more complicated, do not forget that there are both cats and dog sin many households.)

Otherwise, the numbers are staggering: there is a total of 60,847,000 dogs in the European Union (in the whole of Europe, it is 70,342,000). Most of the dog owners are in Russia and the United Kingdom. There are 66 million cats in the European Union, and 89 million in Europe. Most of the cats are in France, and Russia as well.

based on article of szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu
translated by Vivien Pásztai

Photo: Pixabay

Source: http://www.szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu/

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