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Search marketing agency Klikkmánia and STA Travel studied the travelling habits of young people between 18-24 years based on their online searches, as it is revealed by MMOnline’s article

The study revealed that exotic countries and cities are still the most popular destinations. The gorgeous capital of the United Arab Emirates Dubai is on the top of the list along with Thailand. Both places were searched 1300 times per month. The most frequently searched distant island was Bali, which is probably the most fascinating in the Indonesian archipelago. “Travel Bali” received one thousand searches per month on average.

The Hungarian youth often marks the United States of America as their destination. Within the USA, the country’s third most densely populated city, New York, is the most searched one. Miami is right behind it with its tempting palm trees and golden beaches. Not everyone wants to go so far: Turkey is also among the higher-ranking places according to the search data.

Right after the homeland of Turkish delight comes the homeland of tea and mint sauce: the United Kingdom is among the most popular destinations, too, especially its capital, London. Naturally, Paris, the City of Lights, is not far behind the island country. The closest popular destination is Prague, but it is not a surprise: the prices are so favorable in the capital of the Czech Republic that an average Hungarian college student can easily afford a weekend there.

However, it is typical for the whole age group to travel cheaply. It is proven by the approximately 14,800 searches on the expression “cheap plane ticket”, 1600 searches on “last minute plane ticket”, and 1,000 on “low-fare airlines” per month. The age group between 18 and 24 years is also revealed to like comfort. If they have a driving license, they like to use to it, so they search “car rent” 700 times monthly.

Of course, they also try to find convenient accommodation for their favorable travel. Couchsurfing provides an alternative solution for this, as it connects accommodation with guidance. It is not a valid option for group travels, but lone adventurers may have a try.

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