Budapest, December 15 (MTI) – Dutch drones that are designed to look like hawks were tested at Debrecen airport, in eastern Hungary, on Tuesday to scare away birds posing a risk to flight safety.

Collision with birds could result in disasters and also damage aircraft, President-CEO of the airport operator Xanga group, Istvan Hajdu, said. There have been three such collisions with birds at the airport since 2012, each causing major delays.

The Dutch firm Clear Flight Solution has developed the hawk-shaped drones to scare birds away. Migrating geese, for instance, can spot hawks from a distance of 5 kilometres and change their route, he added. The drones are currently being tested and are planned to be deployed in Debrecen from March next year, he added.

Clear Flight Solutions Leader #1 from Clear Flight Solutions on Vimeo.

Photo: MTI


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