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(MTI) – The leftist opposition E-PM and Democratic Coalition (DK) parties have demanded an investigation into the assets of ruling Fidesz deputy leader Lajos Kosa, whose wife has been reported to own an undeclared property.

E-PM’s Levente Papa told a press conference on Wednesday, held in front of the apartment in question in north-west third district of Budapest, that his party would turn to parliament and the tax authority to launch procedures over the property which he said Kosa had not included in his asset declaration.

“Fidesz leaders do not disclose the origin of their properties; they purchase them from non-transparent sources of income,” Papa insisted, adding that it was “outrageous” that Peter Szijjarto, the foreign minister, had declared its holiday home at Lake Balaton to be much smaller than it actually is. Papa added that deputy PM Zsolt Semjen has also been reported in the press as owning an undeclared shooting lodge and a holiday property.

Papa said it was a “new, spreading Fidesz virus” that “larger and larger properties are obtained from oblique sources, and family assistance is cited for those sources, with a complete lack of shame”.

Andras Beres, E-PM’s candidate for district mayor, said that “Hungary has now become a country with no consequences” in which politicians can amass fortunes without giving an account of their income.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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