Budapest, September 17 (MTI) – The opposition E-PM alliance has called on the ruling Fidesz party to stop hinting that it would cut off development funding to localities won by opposition forces in the upcoming local elections.

Balazs Berkecz, member of the Egyutt board, told a news conference on Wednesday that reports from several localities suggested that Fidesz had made veiled threats during its campaigning for the Oct. 12 elections.

Citing two specific examples, he referred to an interview in to a local website in Siklos in the south of the country given by a former deputy chairman of Fidesz, who is reported as saying that “there’ll be help here if Fidesz wins”. He also cited campaign material of Pecs mayor Zsolt Pava which highlighted the potential advantages to locals of Fidesz holding the central reins of power.

Berkecz called on the prime minister to openly declare whether or not “in reality only Fidesz local councils will be given money”.


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