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Maintaining a healthy diet while travelling is not the world’s easiest thing to do. Not only is your access to food restricted by what is available around you, but also the temptations to snack and eat junk food are enhanced when you hit the road. The good news is that eating and drinking healthily isn’t impossible – you just need to keep these tips and tricks in mind the next time you hit the road.

Packing healthier options with you

The most obvious way to avoid indulging in bad snacks and drinks is by packing healthier options with you. If you have healthy food with you, you naturally won’t feel the need to spend money and end up making bad choices. So, instead of being forced to buy a chocolate bar from the gas station with a limited selection, you can simply reach in your bag and eat something healthier.

Of course, since you are travelling, you can’t bring whatever you want with you. But plenty of options could work, some even if you have to get through the airport security. Nuts and dried fruit are a great choice – just avoid chocolate covered fruit! Fruit in general can work. Apples, bananas and oranges won’t go bad in a few hours in a bag. You could also make a few sandwiches. Avoid them getting soggy by opting for mustard instead of mayo or butter. Turkey slices in between and you have a solid sandwich on the go.

In terms of drinks, pack a few water bottles with you and if you’d rather have a bit of flavour, just slip a slice of lemon or strawberry inside the water bottle. You could also opt for a fruit drink, but be careful with the sugar content as many so-called health drinks can pack a bunch of sugar in them. If eating is out of the equation during travel, consider a protein shake to keep you going.

Buy smart at during travel

You might not be able to pack a lot of stuff with you or air travel might pose problems for your journey. You don’t have to just rely on packed goods in order to stay healthy – it is possible to buy healthy foods and drinks at your destination and on the road.

When shopping at the airport or station (gas, bus or train), try to consider the above food choices as your go to items. Purchase turkey or chicken sandwiches, look for nut and fruit mixes with no added chocolate or sugar and skip the sugary beverages for water. Yogurt can be a great option, especially when soothing an upset stomach and opt for salads whenever possible. Just remember to have the dressing on the side to avoid those sneaky calories.

Furthermore, check your options beforehand! If you know the route and especially the stations you’ll be stopping by, check out what supermarkets or brands are available. You can even find discount codes from VoucherBin to eat at restaurants across the UK to ensure you eat healthy and also save money. For example, if you are staying at a Premier Inn, browse their website to see the menu and plan your meals ahead of time. The same works with stations, as you can generally see the stores available at the station and plan your shopping accordingly.

Make smarter choices

Finally, even if you survive the airport and the gas stations, the downfall might happen at the restaurants in your final destination. It’s so easy to indulge in what the destination has to offer and forget about the good choices you made during the trip. But you don’t have to stop enjoyment – you just need to be a bit mindful of what you are having.

As mentioned, look at the menus beforehand to find something healthier and tasty. When selecting meals, opt for fish and meat, which is either steamed, broiled, baked or grilled and skip the deep fried options. Instead of having fries, pasta or salad, consider swapping them for steamed vegetables or an extra portion of salad. Ask if the accompaniments can be added on the side, to ensure you can control how much you’ll eat with your meal.

Finally, alcohol is definitely not the best pick as a drink when travelling. The whole journey will be much smoother if you skip the booze and opt for sparkling water instead. If you do want to have a glass on the road or once you arrive, skip the beer and cider. A glass of wine or a portion of liquor with soda is the best option. Remember to stay hydrated during travel and drink as much water as you can – being mindful of your access to visit the bathroom!

Healthy eating and drinking is not impossible when it comes to travelling. But it does require a bit of planning and willpower. You need to make a conscious decision to try and make healthier choices, even on the go and be aware of your options at all time. Don’t get in a situation where you make food choices hungry, as this tends to lead to a disaster!

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