Eger Mayor Ádám Mirkóczki

Ádám Mirkóczki, the mayor of Eger, will quit nationalist Jobbik, the politician and the opposition party announced in a joint statement on Tuesday.

The decision was based on consensus and was not motivated by either a difference of opinions or a conflict, they said.

Mirkóczki’s decision is not linked to recent developments around the party in any aspect, the statement said.

The politician fully supports the party’s current leadership andits policy, it said.

“It is not a political decision, the mayor has decided to quit party politics solely out of his motivation of responsibly serving the city of Eger,” the statement said, adding that Jobbik will continue to support Mirkóczki as mayor.

Mirkóczki joined Jobbik in 2008 and was a lawmaker of the party until he was elected mayor last autumn.

Source: MTI

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