Since 25 October the city is officially counted as a health-resort which already got the OTH classification from National Public Health and Medical Officer Service (ÁNTSZ), reports Travelo.

The location of the health-resort is the Salt Hill and its surroundings, the place around the spa. In the process of classification the appropriate infrastructure, the degree of the air purity protection in the conservation area, the noise level and the existence and quality of the green area are being examined – beside the local medicinal factor, says

It has already been reported that, by adding Igal to the official list, we already have 27 health-resorts in the country, and this number has increased to 28 with Egerszalók.

By getting the classification the city ensures a quality guarantee for guests coming here, and ensures that it does belong to the best Hungarian spas in terms of both the compound of the water and the environmental factors.  Being classified as a health-resort is an advantage for the city both from the aspect of marketing and application, because there are many inland and EU tenders that bring the innovations to the fore that are located in health-resorts.

Based on the 2015 data of KSH, Egerszalók was the 20th on the list of the most popular cities regarding the number of the nights spending there. It was the 17th most popular destination among Hungarian guests. According to the preliminary information of this year, it is clearly shown that the success is continuously increasing, and the classification is going to rise the interests even more. Moreover, compared to its population of under 2000 people Egerszalók has several 4 star hotels,  but pensions, apartments and rural guesthouses can be found here, too.


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