egri csillag wine vineyard Hungary
Photo: Attila Busák

In summer when looking for a light and refreshing wines it’s worth considering egri csillag, the leading white category of the Eger wine region. This easy-going and thoroughly up-to-date white blend is gaining traction beyond the boundaries of its home.

egri csillag wine vineyard Hungary
Photo: Attila Busák

The Eger wine region is characterized by the cool climate and lower than average precipitation. This is a combination that benefits both red and white varieties of which there is a large selection around here. This diversity is the reason why crafting blends have a long-standing and venerable tradition in Eger, Hungary.

Almost half of the area under vine is planted with white varieties so it was a timely decision in 2010 to work out the regulatory guidelines for a white blend that would act as the counterpart of the red egri bikavér. Initially ten wineries launched whites with the name egri csillag, since then the number of participating wineries has been steadfastly increasing.

„Today practically all Eger wineries produce egri csillag, there are several events focusing on egri csillag every year and the wines are widely available in supermarkets, wine stores and in restaurants”, says János Bolyki. „Our aim is to produce sprightly, juicy wines with cool labels, bottled under screwcap, fit for everyday consumption. The feedback we receive at festivals indicates that customers are more than happy to embrace this style.”

Egri csillag is a blend of at least four varieties, and at least half of the varieties must be indigenous to the Carpathian Basin.

There are three categories (all of them dry): classicus, superior and grand superior. Classicus is a light, crispy wine with intense fruit and floral aromas and should it receive oak ageing marked toasty character is undesirable.

It’s the type of wine perfect for summer. Blending is a useful tool in maintaining a consistent style over vintage variations. With so many white varieties the number of possible blendings is almost infinite, so customers are sure to find something that meets their expectations, be it a firmer, more neutral style or one with more opulent fruit and intense aromas.

These light and refreshing bottlings are everyday wines. They are perfect accompaniments to a quick weekday dinner and are similarly suitable when friends turn up at our home unexpectedly, you can take it along to a picnic, a bike tour or a visit to the lakeside or simply as a companion to chilling out after a hard day at the office.

Summer dishes have just the right style and weight for these wines. A spiced up sandwich, simple pasta dishes, roasted chicken, seasonal vegetables, fishburgers, salads, sea food – there is no reason to think of complicated and labour-intensive dishes to pair with egri csillag classicus.

egri csillag wine vineyard Hungary
Photo: Attila Busák

The winery of Juhász Testvérek is best known for its light and easy-drinking wines and egri csillag is one of their most popular products.

„Our main goal is to offer a dynamic and fruity wine to our customers, something that is an excellent choice to weather the summer heat. Young people have also come to like it, partly because egri csillag has become trendy and not just in and around Eger, partly because it represents a very attractive quality-price-ratio”, says Ádám Juhász.


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