Egyptian Jesuit priest P. Henri Boulad took the Hungarian citizenship oath on Thursday in the Hungarian Parliament.

He applied for the Hungarian citizenship as a gesture to show his appreciation to the Hungarian government for supporting Christians and Christian values around the world.

Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén emphasized that Hungary, as a Christian country, received its faith and the gospels from the east, therefore, it knows its duty when it comes to supporting Eastern Christians who are in a very difficult situation right now.

Theologian P. Henri Boulad is one of the world’s most renowned Jesuit professors; it is a great honor to welcome him among us as a new Hungarian citizen said the deputy-prime minister.

Henri Boulet was born in Alexandria in 1931 into a French speaking Syrian Catholic family; his father was Syrian his mother was Italian.

He entered the Jesuit order in 1950 and in 1963 he was ordained as a priest in Beirut.

He earned three doctorate degrees and after returning to Egypt he taught young people. Later on, he worked with Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta organizing the Egyptian CARITAS; he was involved in setting up refugee camps in Africa as well. For his humanitarian work he received the French Order of Merit Cross.

Europe must be reinvented otherwise, it will disappear said Henri Boulet in a lecture held in Vác Piarist High School Assembly Hall on Friday.

Europe and the Church are in crisis, we live in a transitional period and we have to find solutions to the future of the church and Europe within the current instability – up until now, political correctness prevented us to raise such questions.

“It is time to dare to speak the truth, and to act accordingly.” This is what Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has done when said mass migration destroyed Europe prompting the controlled globalist press to unleash a vicious campaign against him.

Henri Boulet recalled that at the beginning he welcomed the creation of the European Union, but over the years, he realized that Brussels does not serve the interests of Europeans. “Finally, I understood that it is easier to manipulate one entity than many nations.”

Europe has fallen into this trap, and Europeans are just beginning to wake up to this awareness. Many people do not understand the problem of Islamization, and of mass migration.

The Church and the European Union do not want to face these problems, but Hungary is different; in this battle Hungary is David and Europe and globalization are Goliath said the priest.

Europe is threatened by two dangers: Islam and liberalism, which dissolve the European identity. Currently, Europe is in the process of building a society where values are disappearing, and the new generations do not know what is false and what is true. Therefore, Europe must be reinvented, because otherwise, it will disappear – everyone should look for solutions. “We can’t be spectators of the formation of the new world order, but we must be proactive,” – we have to change the world together concluded his speech the Jesuit priest.

Photo: Tamás Thaler

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