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Együtt: Orbán sabotages dialogue in EU

Együtt: Orbán sabotages dialogue in EU

Budapest (MTI) – In the past year and a half Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has managed to “completely foreclose dialogue on finding a solution (to the current crisis) in the European Union,” the opposition Együtt party said on Saturday.

Addressing the party’s annual congress in Budapest, party leader Viktor Szigetvári said Orbán has taken unauthorised measures acting on his own, and cooperated in “making the EU crumble”.

“Orbán has poisoned Hungary,” with his hate campaign, said Szigetvári, adding that since the Bratislava summit the prime minister has been caught in a “web of lies”.

Hungary needs “clear rules instead of prejudice, asylum instead of billboard campaigns, cooperation instead of nationalism, and a middle ground instead of extremism,” he said.

Budapest, 2016. szeptember 24. Szigetvári Viktor, az Együtt elnöke (b) a párt évi rendes küldöttgyûlésének megnyitóján a budapesti Versailles Rendezvényteremben 2016. szeptember 24-én. MTI Fotó: Marjai János

The party congress decided that Együtt will run on a separate list at the 2018 parliamentary elections, the party said in a statement sent to MTI. A move towards democracy, a welfare turn, a changed approach to education and western-oriented politics are needed after 2018, it said. Együtt called on the opposition in parliament to act together “in order to change unfair and disproportionate” election rules.

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