Budapest, June 21 (MTI) – The opposition Egyutt (Together) party will aim to develop an independent character, co-leader Peter Juhasz said on Saturday during a break of a party meeting for the re-election of officials and restructuring.

The party’s members want the organisation which has so far focused mainly on garnering votes for the left-wing party alliance to go through a process of democratisation, Juhasz said.

The election defeat of the left-wing alliance resulted from bad compromises, as demonstrated by Egyutt’s success at the European parliamentary election where it ran independently, Juhasz said.

He defined Egyutt as a party dedicated to the development of middle-class and European values.

The Hungarian Solidarity Movement will return to its roots and attempt to address everyday people, those in need and people living outside Budapest, the party told MTI in a statement on Saturday.

As one of the founding organisations of Egyutt, Solidarity will prepare for the autumn local council elections together with Egyutt and will support Egyutt’s candidates, the statement added.

Solidarity will continue to support Peter Konya who will not accept any positions in Egyutt at the party meeting for the re-election of officials, because, next to working in parliament, he will dedicate his efforts to further developing the movement, the statement said.

Photo: MTI – Attila Kovacs


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