Everyone really knows everyone in Iborfia, Zala County, hvg.hu said.

One third of the country’s settlements were villages with less than 500 people on January 1 last year, although only 3% of the country’s population lived in these villages – Central Statistics Office (KSH) said.

According to the KSH data, there were 346 cities – 23 county towns and the capital – of the country’s 3154 settlements as well as 2808 villages, of which are 118 large villages on January 1, 2014.

Among the settlements, the largest is Budapest, in whose 525 sq.km-long area 1.7 million people live. The smallest is the less than 1 sq.km-large Remetoszolos, Pest County, in terms of the expansion. In terms of population, the smallest is Iborfia, Zala County with 8 people.

According to KSH, the concentration of population is significant, 70% of the population live in towns, one fifth in the capital.

Wide range of concentrations, flow rates can be observed among the largest cities and their surroundings, thereby establishing combined settlements. The analysis of KSH recalls: law provides about the agglomeration in Budapest and Balaton. However, 21 agglomeration can be enrolled in Hungary, based on last year’s investigation, hvg.hu said.

However, they are not independent communities, but as special habitats, it is worth to mention hamlets, scattered settlements. 3% of the country’s population live in the outskirts of the country, according to the 2011 census. Their rate is especially high in the counties of Alfold. Their proportion was close to 13% in Bacs-Kiskun, two thirds of Moricgat, which is found in the county, live in outlying areas, which is the highest in the country.

Today, there are five types of settlements in the law: village, large village, town, county town, capital. Under the law, a settlement can be a village which is able to exercise the basic governmental rights and the provision of local public affairs. The title of large village can be used by settlements which were large village councils when the 1990 Act came into force and where at least five thousand residents live. However, 3 thousand people are enough to get large village title, according to the 2011 law.

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