Budapest, February 5 (MTI) – The opposition Unity alliance had the same level of support at 22 percent of the electorate in January as the left-of-centre parties had combined in previous recent surveys, pollster Median said today.

Ruling party Fidesz continues to hold its strong lead among all voters, and in fact added a couple of percentage points to stand at 39 percent between Jan. 24 and 28, when Median asked a representative sample of 1,200 voting-age adults their preferences.

Political activism has reinvigorated, says Median, and now 76 percent back one party or another. The last time the electorate was this active was in the spring of 2010, when Fidesz won its landslide. Similarly, the proportion of the electorate declaring their certainty to vote has risen to 52 percent.

Among decided voters, Fidesz had the backing of 52 percent in Median’s poll, while the left-of-centre opposition Unity had the support of 30 percent. Radical nationalist party Jobbik was preferred by 14 percent while LMP was liked by just 2 percent.

Fully 60 percent of Median’s sample believed that Fidesz would win the April 6 election.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban follows the president of the republic as the most popular political figure, while Attila Mesterhazy, leader of the Socialist Party, was the most popular opposition figure. He was followed by Gabor Vona, the Jobbik leader.


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