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At stake in the April election is whether the government is one that supports immigration, as the opposition would like, and implements the “Soros Plan”, or Fidesz remains in power, ensuring that the border fence stays and Hungary can continue to be a Hungarian country, the spokesman for Fidesz’s parliamentary group said on Sunday.

Speaking on public radio about the Friday summit of European Union leaders, János Halász said Hungary wants border protection to be the central issue for the EU, not mandatory resettlement.

There are some political parties in Hungary that would like to dismantle the border fence and ask why the country can’t take in some refugees, “who, together with their families would number in the tens of thousands or even 100,000”, he said. That would just be the first step; more would follow, he added.

There are certain western European politicians who do not honour European values, but want to implement the “Soros Plan”.

Obviously, migration is in the interest of certain people and groups, Halász said. These people have no concern that migration could destroy some European countries as well as Hungarian culture, he added.

“Soros organisations” give migrants a handbook to teach them how to “get around the law by lying”, instructing them to tell officials that they are under psychological pressure or that they are homosexuals or transsexuals because they can get refugee status more easily that way, he added.

Photo: Gergely Botár/

Source: MTI

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