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Election 2018 – Former PM Gyurcsány: Electoral system skewed to ‘massively favour’ Fidesz

Election 2018 – Former PM Gyurcsány: Electoral system skewed to ‘massively favour’ Fidesz

After meeting foreign election observers on Wednesday, Democratic Coalition (DK) leader Ferenc Gyurcsány said “every element” of Hungary’s “unacceptable and dishonest electoral system massively benefits the ruling Fidesz party”.

The opposition leader met Douglas Wake, head of a team of election observers delegated by the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe. Gyurcsány insisted the April 8 general election would neither be free nor fair.

He noted the law was “unilaterally passed by Fidesz” and he accused Fidesz of using the central budget to promote itself.

Gyurcsány also noted that while ethnic Hungarians in other countries could cast their ballot by mail “without any controls”, Hungarian residents staying abroad “must make a huge effort to vote at an embassy or consular office”.

“Anyone can vote from across the border under someone else’s name, even using the identity of the deceased,” he said. “There’s no way to ensure voting transparency.”

Answering a question, Gyurcsány said that “a huge number” of Ukrainian citizens were registered as residents in villages along the Hungary-Ukraine border while not actually living there.

“These people aim to receive Hungarian pensions”, and “some mayors assist them in an effort to build a voter base,” he said, adding that DK had filed a criminal complaint concerning these activities.

Coommenting on Gyurcsány’s statements, ruling Fidesz told MTI that the opposition is using the electoral system to justify its defeat in advance. They “should admit that the problem is their lack of principles, inadequacy and pro-migrant policies.” Supporting the resettlement of migrants in Hungary goes against the will of Hungarians, the statement said.

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