Budapest, 2018. február 12. Az április 8-ai országgyûlési választás értesítõit szortírozzák a Magyar Posta Teréz körúti hivatalában 2018. február 12-én. MTI Fotó: Máthé Zoltán

The Jobbik party is setting up a map and other materials on their website with a view to helping Hungarian residents living abroad with participation in the April general election, Jobbik lawmaker Dóra Dúró told a press conference on Wednesday.

Very few Hungarians living abroad have registered to vote so far, Dúró said. The site of the national election office contains only “rudimentary, badly organised information” on the voting sites, Dúró insisted.

Jobbik is providing more comprehensive, practical information: maps and a brochure on the most basic questions, she said.

The past 8 years of the Fidesz government have resulted in the emigration of 700,000 Hungarians, families torn apart and a “consequent demographic catastrophe”, Dúró insisted. Jobbik sees it as of strategic importance to “call these families home” and to help their welfare in their homeland, Dúró said.

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Source: MTI

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