Gergely Karácsony, PM candidate of the opposition Socialist-Párbeszéd alliance, discussed plans to set up an anti-corruption prosecutor’s office with members of its shadow cabinet and other experts in Budapest, on Sunday.

Karácsony told a press conference afterwards that his ten-point programme as prime ministerial candidate included “reclaiming in court the private property linked to Fidesz and originating from taxpayer money”.

The alliance would set up the anti-fraud office, support Hungary’s accession to the European Public Prosecutor’s Office and press for rules that would wipe out corruption once and for all, Karácsony said.

Former minority rights ombudsman Jenő Kaltenbach whom Karácsony asked to lead the office said that corruption costs Hungary an annual 500 billion forints (EUR 1.56bn), which corresponds to half of EU support.

Because of corruption, the majority of Hungarians have lost confidence in politicians, Kaltenbach said. Citing a recent survey, he said that merely 23 percent of Hungarians, the lowest rate in Europe, see a chance of efficient action against corruption.

Socialist lawmaker Tamás Harangozó said that once elected into power the Socialists would impose a 75 percent “oligarch tax” on companies that are selling residency bonds and on extra profits generated merely through domestic and EU public procurements.


Not only Transparency International’s (TI) new report is stunning for Hungary. In fact, compared reports on corruption from the last 15 years. According to them, corruption became systematic in Hungary. Read more HERE.

Photo: Wikipedia Commons

Source: MTi

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