The committee responsible for all traffic projects, investments, and developments of the Hungarian capital recently published an application about building a tunnel system beneath Budapest to connect Nyugati and Kelenföldi Railway Stations.

high speed train, Hungary, Kolozsvár
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Napi reported that the aim of building the tunnel would be to ease the journey of those who arrive from the outskirts of Budapest and other points of the country, allowing them to get into the city centre faster and more effectively without any traffic congestions. The committee believes that more people should choose railways, and to make them more popular, the city should renovate and broaden them or connect them.

This plan is not a new one, though, because a project worth approximately 3 million EUR aiming to connect Nyugati and Déli Railway Stations has previously been considered. 

If the tunnel is built, the committee expressed that railway traffic could be increased by 70%, and commuters would choose railways instead of other means of public transport. This requires more trains, modern stations, and other developments in the Hungarian railway system. 

Featured image: Daily News Hungary

Hungarian railways to renovate 50 major train stations by 2023

MÁV (Hungarian State Railways) successfully started its 50-station program which aims to renovate fifty major train stations which are used the most in Hungary. The plans for Déli Railway Station, Zánkafürdő, Sárvár, Vecsés, Monor, Pilis, Zugló, Kőbánya-Kispest, and Kőbánya-alsó are ready, and work will start soon.



  1. Keleti is in really bad condition but is not mentioned in these plans considering the gate for international trains is really a big shame and a very sad image of Budapest. Even secondary cities in Eastern Europe as Krakow has a much nicer and renovated train station than Budapest Keleti.

  2. Why can’t 1 of the train stations be designated the Central Hub for Budapest and ALL of Hungary domestic and international rail travel.? I refuse to rail travel at all because it is so confusing when one comes to Hungary which station one should go to from the Budapest Airport. Speaking of that why is there not a rail station directly at the terminal building for travel into Budapest? When one leave the terminal 2 building it should at most be a few metres to the rail station. It is so confusing.

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