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EP Elections – Fidesz Wins 12 Seats, Socialists Lick Wounds

EP Elections – Fidesz Wins 12 Seats, Socialists Lick Wounds

Budapest, May 26 (MTI) – “We’ve won; we’ve won big-time!” Prime Minister Viktor Orban said, commenting on the results of Sunday’s European parliamentary elections, showing the Fidesz-KDNP alliance with over 51 percent, translating into 12 EP seats out of Hungary’s quota of 21. Turnout was low at 28.92 percent.

In the countryside the radical nationalist Jobbik party came second after Fidesz while the Socialists were third in all but two counties. Socialist Party leader Attila Mesterhazy said that the party’s presidium would offer its resignation to the board after the party’s poor showing.

Jobbik will have 3 seats while the Socialists only managed to secure 2. The Democratic Coalition also got 2 mandates, E-PM received a single one and green party LMP also secured one seat.

Speaking at the Millenaris Park in central Budapest, Orban told a crowd of supporters that Fidesz had secured the best result in the EPP group.


Fidesz’s elected representatives will be “the troops sent forward,” who can protect the homeland abroad, Orban said.

He said the party’s MEPs would work to win respect for Hungarians and represent their interests, as well as making the voice of Hungarians heard in Brussels. Hungarians are united in rejecting extremes, he added.

The radical nationalist Jobbik party has managed to meet its goal in the European election, becoming Hungary’s second power, party leader Gabor Vona declared. He said one of the important messages of the EP election for domestic politics was that Jobbik is now the second power and that the Socialists have collapsed. It follows that Jobbik can become Fidesz’s challenger — “a great responsibility,” Vona said.

The success of eurosceptic, euro-realist parties throughout Europe also proves that “all of us would like to have a common Europe but something totally different from what is offered to us now,” Vona said.

Ferenc Gyurcsany, the Democratic Coalition’s leader, said the result would embolden his leftist party to continue playing a “very determining role in opposition,” and to be the “fiercest enemy of [PM Viktor] Orban’s tyranny”.

The E-PM alliance co-leader Gordon Bajnai said he was “satisfied and proud” of E-PM’s showing. Bajnai said Hungary’s youngest party had grabbed a “very significant” result. He said that the party’s representatives in Europe would always stand up for the Hungarian nation’s interests, “either with the government or against it”.

LMP list-leader Tamas Meszerics said that as things stand now, Hungary would have a green eurodeputy.

The green LMP party scored 5.01 percent of votes nationwide, just above the threshold for a mandate. The figure is based on preliminary results after 99.99 percent of votes were counted. Votes cast abroad could influence whether or not LMP gets into the European Parliament.

Andras Schiffer, the party’s co-leader, said that LMP had made yet another major stride towards becoming an influential player in Hungary’s political arena.

Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjen said that all Hungarians will have strong national representation in the European Parliament in the next cycle. Semjen, leader of the Christian Democrats (KDNP), said the policy for Hungarian communities abroad had come to fruition. It is of key importance that Transcarpathia in western Ukraine and Vojvodina would be sending representatives to the EP as well, he added.

Fidesz has shown that it can count on its core support, proven by the fact that the party won with such a low turnout, political analyst Agoston Samuel Mraz of the Nezopont Institute said after the results were released. The Socialists gained less support than expected, he said. Even Gyurcsany had expected more of his former party, Mraz said. LMP’s result was not thanks to its core vote but disillusioned Socialists turning elsewhere, he insisted.



FIDESZ-KDNP – 1,191,163 votes (51.49 percent)

JOBBIK – 339,501 (14.68 pc)

MSZP – 252,494 (10.92 pc)

Democratic Coalition – 225,762 (9.76 pc)

E-PM – 167,012 (7.22 pc)

LMP – 115,957 (5.01 pc)


A haza nem elado (Homeland not for sale) – 12,107 (0.52 pc)

SMS (Maria Seres’s party) – 9,263 (0.40 pc)

Photo: MTI – Istvan Filep


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