Budapest, February 25 (MTI) – House Speaker László Kövér on Thursday inaugurated a memorial plaque in Parliament honouring the victims of Communist rule under the Hungarian Soviet Republic in 1919.

The plaque pays tribute to the roughly 500 people who were held captive and tortured in the Parliament building by the regime.

The press at the time knew that not all who were held captive survived, however, the only body ever found and identified was that of András Incseli Szots. The memorial plaque was placed near the area where Incseli Szőts’s body was found on June 26, 1919.

No evidence suggesting that any of the other prisoners were murdered was ever found.

The Hungarian parliament in 2000 declared February 25 a day of remembrance in memory of Béla Kovács, head of the Independent Smallholders’ Party, who was arrested and deported to the Soviet Union on this day in 1947.

Commemorations are held across the country this day.


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