European Commission First Vice-President Frans Timmermans must take responsibility for the influx of more than 1.5 million illegal migrants into Europe over the past years, the foreign minister said on Friday.

Timmermans, a Socialist politician, is “personally responsible for the EC’s appallingly poor performance” over the past five years, Péter Szijjárto told public Kossuth radio.

The EC vice-president is also responsible for the continued decline of Europe’s competitiveness and the deteriorating security situation on the continent, the minister said.

In connection with the upcoming European parliamentary elections, Szijjártó said

all top candidates of the various European party groups were unfit to lead an EU institution.

In a separate interview, Szijjártó told public news channel M1 that the meeting of US President Donald Trump and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on May 13 would serve as an excellent opportunity for the two leaders to coordinate their positions in major international organisations on migration.

The United States and Hungary are among the six countries that rejected the United Nations’ Global Compact on migration, the minister said.

In connection with his talks with Ernesto Araujo, his Brazilian counterpart, in Budapest on the previous day, Szijjártó said Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has accepted Viktor Orbán’s invitation to visit Hungary.

As we wrote on February, Frans Timmermans, addressing a Hungarian Socialist Party congress in Budapest, called for fair wages in the European Union and closing the wage gap between women and men. Read more here.

Photo: facebook.com/frans.timmermans

Source: MTI

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  1. Dutch Socialist Party parodies Frans Timmermans (PvdA) – Hans Brusselmans wants a large EU superstate

    clip_image002. See https://youtu.be/lBkOKd1MbGY

    Hans Brusselmans eats everything. He plays the PvdA Eurocrat Frans Timmermans on the link above. Unfortunately it is in Dutch but it shows clearly that the Dutch are not stupid. The campaign department of the Socialist Party made the special campaign video in which Timmermans gets along. In the story he is put away as glutton and a power politician who wants to devour sovereign states. In the images you actually see who Frans Timmermans really is. It is a reflection of his existing ideas and therefore more than a parody. After all, we see Timmermans greedily puffing up the cakes of Belgium, Denmark and other countries. We also see Brusselmans playing with blue tanks.
    The latter in particular is very strange. You know: the tanks that protesters in the EU are confronted with when demonstrating against government policy. That is normal nowadays. Just as it is normal for the French elite to be protected by the Pretorian Guard against its citizens. That was different a few decades ago. In the past you only saw tanks rolling over civilians in the Soviet Union, China or Venezuela, but now also in France. Dutch FvD candidate Derk Jan Eppinks already warned us: now is really the last chance, otherwise European tanks will roll by. The SP video is therefore a justified parody. The EU is simply not doing well. And people like Timmermans / Brusselmans don’t make it better, but worse.

    PvdA stands for Partij van de Arbeid – Hungarian MSZMP

    SP stands for Socialistische Partij – Hungarian MSZP and DK

    FvD stands for Forum voor Democratie – Hungarian Fidesz

    By the way: On May 23, 2019 it is expected that all parties supporting the Dutch government will be confrontated with huge losses.

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