(MTI) – The mass emigration of Hungarian youth should be stopped before the trend leads to disaster, Istvan Ujhelyi, an MEP candidate of the opposition Socialist party, said in Berlin on Saturday.

The government should introduce an EU youth guarantee programme to achieve full employment in the 25 and under age group, and spend hundreds of billions of forints for this purpose, Ujhelyi told a press conference in front of the Hungarian embassy in Berlin.

He said the number of “economic migrants” has grown 10-fold to exceed 600,000 this spring, which is “shocking”.

Photo: MTI – Balazs Mohai

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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  1. It is not shocking that so many youth have left the country if you consider the conditions that exist in Hungary at the moment as far as employment and other factors go. Further, there needs to be an immigration policy to attract youth and qualified professionals from other countries to Hungary but none seems to exist and none are on the cards as well! Where is this leading to?

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