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Helsinki, 2018. november 8. Orbán Viktor miniszterelnök felszólal az Európai Néppárt kongresszusán a Messukeskus Kongresszusi Központban, Helsinkiben 2018. november 8-án. MTI/Koszticsák Szilárd

Without its nations, Europe would lose its spiritual and cultural identity, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said, addressing a European People’s Party (EPP) congress in Helsinki on Thursday.

“Europe will either be a Europe of nations or it will cease to exist,” Orbán told the congress ahead of a vote on the lead candidate for the post of European Commission president.

The “accession of central European nations have made Europe more peaceful, stronger and richer”, he said. The continent’s strength has always been based on strong nations, he said.

Orbán accused the liberals, socialists and greens of wanting a rootless Europe devoid of its spiritual and psychological identity.

“Our vision is a Europe with 27 faces, one that is Christian and democratic simultaneously,” he said.

Orbán called the EPP “a party of victors” which preferred keeping its feet on the ground rather than championing world-redeeming ideologies. “By now, however, the situation has changed,” he said.

Over the past few years, the EPP has given the leadership of Europe, so it has to take responsibility for “failure to keep Britain in the union and the migrants outside it.” While in 2011, sixteen member states were governed by EPP parties, now that number is down to six, he said. “No wonder our confidence has been shaken.”

“To return to the path to victory”, the EPP should restore its unity, find its roots again and proclaim the “renaissance of Christian democracy”, the prime minister said.

“Absurdities like praising Fidel Castro or Karl Marx should be forgotten,” he added.

Orbán warned that the EPP should not heed its adversaries and should not accept the standards of the left and the liberal media. “If we try to live up to their expectations, we are doomed to fail,” he said.

The prime minister emphasised that the EPP should appreciate its successes. “Those who do not value their victors deserve failure,” he said. As the European elections are won in the member states, “the EPP as a victors’ party needs victorious prime ministers,” he said.

The key to success is to take the side of the people, Orbán said. “Let’s protect them from illegal migration, terrorism, crime and economic hardship,” he said. “Let us once again put the old slogan on the banner: [a government] of the people, by the people, for the people”.

Orbán said that ruling Fidesz backed Manfred Weber, EPP’s incumbent parliamentary leader, as lead candidate for EC president.

He thanked Weber for visiting Hungary during its election campaign earlier this year.

“We respect you as a man who knows when it is time for controversy and when for unity,” he said.

Orbán noted that Friday will be the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. “We, the states thrown into the claws of the Soviet Union . knew that we can only regain our freedom in a united Europe,” he said.

The Fidesz party was born in the fight for that reunification, in 1988, and invited to the European People’s Party by German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, “who understood that members of a family are always united, even if they disagree,” Orbán said.

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  1. Without its nations, Europe would lose its spiritual and cultural identity, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said, addressing a European People’s Party (EPP) congress in Helsinki on Thursday. But Mr. Orbán do you still believe in the ‘European project’ where people were cheated by ‘politicians’ (those who say to represent their people) No referendum was organized because the result was clear, also in 1971. Because secret documents show that the British government already knew in 1971 what the ultimate goal of ‘the European project’ was: a takeover of power by Brussels. To make matters worse, politicians were told that they had to lie to their own people. As we all know, that is exactly what happened. Document FCO30 / 1048 from the British government was kept secret by the British government for no less than 30 years. See: https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/882881/Brexit-EU-secret-document-truth-British-public
    The reason? It is a secret document during the time of the EEC and what the final goal of that big European project was. The conclusion does not lie (although governments did): the project would ultimately result in the abolition of national sovereignty and governments were ordered to lie about this against their own population. This is reported by the British newspaper The Express. The document has been prepared by an anonymous official. It correctly predicted that the EEC (European Economic Community) would result in an economic, fiscal and monetary union with a common foreign and monetary policy. The latter is, of course, exactly what European bureaucrats are now committed to; they even want their own army. British law, wrote the author, would eventually be pushed aside for European directives. In addition, according to the official in question, the EEC would result in sovereignty and power being led away from their own parliament and in the hands of European bureaucrats. That is all shockingly enough, but it gets even worse. The document also shows that politicians were told they should be silent about this: But shockingly politicians were advised not to exacerbate public concern by attributing unpopular measures to the remote and unmanageable workings of the community. They were told that they should maintain the impression that the British government was still in charge of a body of unelected European bureaucrats. The idea was that this distraction could still be maintained until the end of the century, after which the United Kingdom was so closely connected to Brussels that Brexit no longer belonged to the possibilities. It will not surprise anyone that prominent Brexiteers have reacted furiously to the content of FCO30 / 1048. Annabelle Sanderson, a Brexit expert and former adviser to Nigel Farage, explains: Despite the fact that politicians have maintained all those years that it was not the European Union’s goal to become a new central state, document from 1971 that this was the plan. Proponents of the British membership of the EU – Labor, the Lib Dems and the Tories – should read the document carefully and answer the question of why they are actually parliamentarians if they do not want Westminster to have a say in this country. And now it comes: if British politicians already realized this then, how could that not have applied to other European Memberstates? Were they so retarded or naïve that they did not see what their British friends knew right away? Or did they realize it and did they do exactly what British governments did? You can guess the answer.

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