A commemoration, a conference and an exhibition were held to mark the centenary of Estonian Republic’s independence at the ELTE University in Budapest on Tuesday.

Addressing the event, Estonian Ambassador Rein Oidekivi said that Estonia and Hungary are connected not only through diplomatic ties but through an “emotional bond”.

“Estonians and Hungarians perfectly understand one another even if they think differently about certain matters,” he said.

Estonia declared its independence on February 24, 1918, the ambassador said, adding that Hungary recognised the independent republic three years later and assigned its first ambassador to Tallinn in 1924.

Hungarian deputy state secretary Judit Hammerstein said that over the past hundred years the two nations had nurtured a lasting friendship, which rests on their belonging to the same language family, experience in history and close cultural relations.

She called Hungary’s Cultural Centre in Tallinn an important pillar of bilateral cultural relations.

Closing the event, the ambassador opened an exhibition on Estonia’s history.

Source: MTI

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