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The new semester has begun, and along came new people to the country. And as someone who was once new in town, I completely understand that this kind of change can be hard to deal with, especially since you are alone trying to manoeuvre a completely different environment.

In these cases, I often thank my dear friends and lifesavers, Google Maps and Google Translate. Now, both of these apps cannot be trusted blindly because they are not foolproof, but 90% of the time these are pretty reliable. But, please, do not use Google Translate to make conversation – that is my only advice.

If you are seeking to make friends and are having a hard time, you might want to hit up spots set up by Erasmus Life on their Facebook page or you can check out whatever events are happening in the city. There is also an international meeting point party every week, I am not sure about the location, though, because the previous one closed down. But for parties, Facebook is your go-to option. You can definitely hit up Morrisons for a lively pre-drinking spot at any given point.

Another foolproof way to make friends if you are specifically aiming for Hungarians is to ask for cigarettes. They are genuinely generous with their cigarettes and are bound to make conversation with you because they are, again, sociable people. Or just get in an elevator with them (Shameless Plug) because they are bound to talk to you then.

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When it comes to conversation, it is better to learn some basic Hungarian words. Old people tend to not speak a lot of English, and they might come off as strong, but they are genuinely some of the nicest people, and they only mean the best. However, you might not want to try the grandfather’s homemade palinka if you want to not have a hangover later. Please also refrain from coming between an old lady and her flowers because no one can save you from her wrath.

Hungarians are generally nice people, very amiable and easy to talk to. I have realised that a lot of people here are very conscious of how they speak English, which is why it can be hard as a new person to adjust, but if you just seek them out and keep an open mind and not be judgmental, Hungarians are some of the most amazing people in the world. So, go out, talk to people and live your best life. I believe in you.

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  1. Hi
    So nice from you that you say:
    “Hungarians are generally nice people, very amiable and easy to talk to. ”
    Haha so strange..i see exactly the oposite.

    All best!

  2. We are Australian by birth BUT we live, as Residents, in this beautiful majestic historical City of Budapest in District v.
    If we felt not accepted or dismissed we would not have choose to make Budapest,Hungary our home.
    We find the people warm embracing accepting and generous in there acceptance of us.
    In comparison to Australians, we enjoy the quietness of lifestyle home & social behavioral scene that appears evident to us compared to the Australian way of life.
    We move around the Districts of Budapest and throughout this wonderful country and speak as we find.
    We feel warmly welcomed which we respond same in our appreciation and not at all segregated nor alienated because of our nationality of birth.

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