Hungary V4 Viktor Orbán

Following the Hungarian government’s latest announcement exempting the V4 countries from the ban on entering the country, EU commissioner Didier Reynders is asking the leadership to revisit their decision.

On 1 September, Justice commissioner Didier Reynders posted on Twitter concerning the Hungarian government’s latest border protection measures. As published in an article by Portfolio,

the measures, banning all foreigners but the V4 residents from entering Hungary, are discriminatory and not in line with the fundamental principles of EU law.

As we wrote earlier, the Hungarian government have recently reintroduced their border protection measures, banning all foreigners – with a few exceptions – from entering the territory of Hungary as of 1 September. Hungarian citizens arriving from abroad are required to self-isolate for 14 days unless they present two negative tests.

Then on a conference in Bled, Slovenia, three days after the above announcement, the Czech prime minister asked Viktor Orbán “to allow Czech tourists who already have a holiday booked for September to enter Hungary”. Orbán did agree to this,

but since keeping the other two V4 countries (Poland and Slovakia) under the ban “would not have looked good”, the exemption was granted to the residents of these two countries, too.

Visitors coming from these three countries are only asked to present a negative test not older than five days.

As Portfolio writes, the above measures are mostly driven by political arguments rather than aimed at limiting the spread of the pandemic. Reynder is asking the Hungarian prime minister to revisit the actions taken, “recalling the importance of the integrity of the Schengen area and of applying border measures in a non-discriminatory way to all EU citizens and residents”.

Hungary V4 Viktor Orbán
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  1. we are ruled by a bunch of corrupt charlatans because there are millions of brainwashed people in this country

  2. Hungary is a sovereign nation and can make decisions on its own … it does not have to lick the boots (or elsewhere) of a group of bureaucrats to make decisions regarding its relations with neighboring countries.

  3. Why is it that so many BELGIAN IDIOTS – who were (failed) politicians in their ‘previous lives’ – are suddenly ‘qualified’ to attain positions of importance within the European Union ?

    It is BAD ENOUGH that the European President (a total ‘goof’) is Belgian.

    Now it seems that the E.U. Justice Commissioner comes from the same country, which by the way has had NO functioning government for almost two years !

    How many other Belgian ‘no-hopers’ have been ‘rewarded’ with such high-paying but useless E.U. positions ?

    In reality, it gives more power to the ‘Pink Poodles’ (‘poofy-woofy’ /’ licky-licky’ bureaucrats) in Brussels !

  4. What the EU is concerned about is not that Hungary has closed the border, ,(remember Germany banned sales of medical equipment to other EU countries, and Malev was forced to close which Lufthansa and AirFrance are now receiving the govt cash that Malev was closed for receiving)

    What the EU is worried about is the close ties that the V4 countries are building.

    And another thing. Is it really worth paying this EU commissioner 200,000 euros per year to send letters to national govts?

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