Greece-Macedonia border

Budapest, April 4 (MTI) – Implementation of the European Union-Turkey deal on preventing illegal migration has not shut down illegal migration and does not provide a solution to the problem, the prime minister’s security advisor said on Monday.

György Bakondi told public television M1 that it was likely that the customary Balkan route for migrants had been finally sealed off but a new route would emerge. He said information suggested that people smugglers were now taking migrants in the direction of Albania or Italy.

Meanwhile, in a separate interview to public radio, Bakondi commented on the recent attack on Hungarian servers, saying an investigation was ongoing. He noted that the government’s IT network had received 62,000 denial of service (DoS) attacks in a single day.

Photo: MTI


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  1. Regretibly the present set up with migrants will not work especially in Italy where they are just pushed on into France who will in turn push them onwards to Calais and the UK.
    The Greek side of the migrants will begin by appealing against deportation orders which will see as in the UK months if not years of lawyers launching appeals against deportation.
    The result of this ineptitude by the EU Commissioners will mean taxation to pay for this mess will have to come from member states, orders will be given to member states on quotas of immigrants they must take in and worst of all where the camps are for those awaiting descision for admission or deportation will become no go areas for tourism, (an essential part of some countries economies).
    Again the Commission does not seemed to have thought this through.

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