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Budapest, August 4 (MTI) – The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) called on the government to stop spending money on a planned move to the Buda Castle as long as the state is unable to fulfil even its basic tasks.

So far nearly 20 billion forints (EUR 64m) of taxpayer money have been spent on building the prime minister’s “luxury residence” in the castle, Budapest DK politician Erzsébet Gy Németh told MTI.

At the same time, general conditions in the country are deteriorating, including reports about no hot meals in a Hungarian hospital and 24 planned operations at the Heim Pál Children’s Hospital in Budapest postponed because of shortage of doctors, she added.

It is high time that the prime minister should stop “considering himself superior”, Németh said. Twenty billion forints could have been used to repay the debt of the Esztergom hospital many times, offer free meals to children in need throughout the summer or pay some of the revamp costs of the third metro line, she added.

Source: MTI

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  1. He needs to remember the people voted him into parliament and the people can also vote him out.

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