According to information from UEFA, applications for Category 2 tickets at the Hungarian national team’s group matches stand the best chance of being successful.

UEFA has launched the second phase of ticket sales for the matches of the European Championships in France, during which supporters of participating teams can apply for tickets for their own team’s matches. Hungarian fans can apply for tickets for the national team’s matches at www.euro until the 18th January.

UEFA recently made public information relating to which group stage matches have had the greatest number of ticket applications and in which ticket categories. For Hungary’s three matches, interest has been greatest for the 14th June game against Austria and the 22nd June contest against Portugal, whilst chances of a successful application are greater for the 18th June fixture against Iceland.

According to Hungarian Football Association, the number of applications for the two cheaper category (3 and 4) tickets or for all three matches is very large, whilst applicants’ chances are greater for category 2 tickets. Should the number of ticket applications exceed those available, a draw will be made to choose the lucky applicants who will be able to purchase tickets for a given match. Because of this, it is worth noting that if you agree to buy tickets in a higher category should your original application not be successful, this would result in you also being included in the draw for the higher category tickets; therefore you increase your chances of winning.

Further important information about the application process:

– When applying, only the ticket applicant’s personal details must be given and this information is included in the total number of tickets requested (one person may apply to purchase a maximum of four tickets per match). In all instances the ticket applicant is responsible for the other ticket holders in the application and this is worth remembering before using the tickets.

– When applying, VISA and Mastercard (credit- and debit card) details must be given, and following the draw UEFA will immediately take from your card the value of the tickets and postage costs.

– Following ticket allocation and the ticket draw, UEFA will immediately take the cost of the tickets from the given bank card, after which there is no possibility of cancellation.

– Those that aren’t successful in the January ticket sales phase don’t necessarily have to give up on watching matches at the European Championship, as via the ticket portal due to operate in March and April they may be able to purchase tickets directly from those who in the first ticket-sale phase last spring purchased tickets blind, but subsequently in the knowledge of the draw have decided to sell their tickets.

– Those who haven’t yet applied need not miss out, as when the draw is made there will be no difference in the chances of who have applied on the first day from those who did on the last day before the 18th January deadline.

– UEFA draws supporters’ attention to the fact that they should only apply for the amount of tickets they really require, as tickets which have become unnecessary may not be sold afterwards. The French organisers may check the identity of the owner of a ticket as they enter the stadium and should it not the same as the person purchasing the ticket, stadium entry may be denied.

For questions regarding the purchasing of tickets, please write to [email protected].



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    Saturday, 18 June 2016, 6:00 PM. Stade Vélodrome, Marseille, France

    I have been awarded one set of 4 tickets, and one set of 2 tickets, all in category 2, happy to sell.

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