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EURO 2020 will be organised in 13 big European cities. Among them, Budapest is going to host the matches of Group F together with Munich, as well as a match in the round of 16. Cristiano Ronaldo and the European Championship titleholding Portuguese team will live on Margaret Island, Budapest.

According to Nemzeti Sport, the team’s headquarters will be in Hungary during the group stage of the European Championships, but there is a good chance that they will remain there even after that. Portugal is going to play two matches in the Hungarian capital, and that is why they have already checked some sports facilities in Hungary to find where they can prepare for the matches. Based on the information of the Hungarian sports daily, they will set up their headquarters in Herceghalom, not far from Budapest.

Cristiano Ronaldo goes mad after Hungarian goal in EURO 2016:

To find a suitable place for preparation is vital. For example, the German team will play all of their group matches in Germany. In 2014, when they won the world championships in Brazil, they established their headquarters there because they did not like any that the Brazilian association offered them. In the case of the Portuguese team, the location of the headquarters is very important since Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the world’s most popular players.

At first, the Portuguese team wanted to go to Telki, but that is kept for the play-off winner of the qualification tournament, which can even be the Hungarian team. Portuguese experts had a look at other options, but finally, according to the communication director of the Portuguese football association, Antonio Magalhaes, they chose Budapest.

In that case, they will live in the Grand Hotel on Margaret Island where the legendary Hungarian Golden Team prepared in the 1950s. Furthermore, they will use the sports facilities of Vasas that can be reached quickly from there.

If Cristiano Ronaldo’s team will be able to qualify from Group F where they are together with the 2014 world cup-winning Germany and the 2018 world cup-winning France, they can remain in the Hungarian capital because it is in a central position in Europe, so they can easily reach the venue of the round of 16 match.

For example, the French team remains at home, in Clairefontaine, even though they had a look at some Hungarian facilities. However, they do not exclude the possibility that before their matches in Budapest, they will spend some nights in the Hungarian capital.

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