Mallemort, 2016. június 9. A 2016-os franciaországi labdarúgó Európa-bajnokság F csoportjában szereplõ osztrák labdarúgó-válogatott tagjai edzenek a franciaországi Mallemortban 2016. június 9-én, egy nappal az EB kezdete elõtt. (MTI/EPA/Guillaume Horcajuelo)

Having arrived at their training base on Wednesday afternoon, Euro 2016 Group F rivals Austria have now completed their first training session and press conference in France. After training in the Thursday morning sunshine head coach Marcel Koller and players Sebastian Prödl and Martin Harnik spoke to the assembled international media.

“We have to practice a few little things over the next few days, but the team is otherwise ready” said Koller. “For the time being we’re only focusing on our own game but naturally there will be tactical preparations as well, when we will be preparing especially for Hungary. The first match is important at this kind of tournament, but the second and third matches are equally important for us. Neither the team, nor I as coach, have any experience of an event as big as the European Championship, but our preparation has gone well so I’m not worried. I’ve been with the team for four years and we aren’t ones for underestimating our opponents; I don’t think we’ll fall into that mistake against Hungary. We consider them to be tough opponents. We’ll have to give our all to get a result”.

Defender Sebastian Prödl also spoke about Hungary, after being asked to name any Hungarian strikers he was preparing for in particular. “Hungary performed very well in the qualifiers. Primarily they are strong as a team but if I had to pick out someone then that would be Ádám Szalai. He is physically strong and uses this to his advantage on the pitch; he plays a physical game; it will be tough against him”.

Photo: MTI

Source: Press release – MLSZ

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