The UEFA has chosen the Hungary-Portugal match as one the 5 best games of the 2016 European Championship in their article ‘Were these the best five games at EURO 2016?’, writes.

The group stage game on June 22 ended with a 3-3 draw. The article recalls Gera’s goal, which was chosen by fans as the Goal of the Tournament, as well as Nani’s equaliser, followed by two-two goals by both Dzsudzsák and Cristiano Ronaldo as the highlights of the match.

The game was also significant because by tying, Hungary earned its fifth point and became 1st in the group, while Portugal qualified for the round of 16 from the 3rd place. On their next match, Hungary was beaten 0-4 by Belgium.

The other four matches that made it into the UEFA selection were the 2-0 Italy-Spain match in the round of 16, the 3-1 Wales-Belgium and the 5-2 France-Iceland games in the quarter finals, as well as the Germany-Italy match which ended with a German victory after the shoot-outs.

Photo: MTI

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