The Hungarian footballer was featured on the cover of the latest issue of the Portugese paper, Record, dethroning Christiano Ronaldo, writes

The absolute star in Portugal is pretty much the football player Christiano Ronaldo, hence it is not so surprising when magazines’ covers are full of him, especially during the Euros. Yet, the latest issue of Record features someone else on its cover. It is none other than Ádám Nagy, one of the most promising players of the Hungarian national football team.

It seems the Portuguese are really interested in the future of Nagy, for the paper shared the news on Tuesday (June 21) that the young Hungarian player would be kicking the ball in Benfica, the Portuguese club. According to them, Benfica might pay 1.5 million EUR for Nagy to Fradi (Ferencváros), his current team.

The 21-year old Nagy told Record that it would be a great honour for him to play in a club as Benfica, and possibly replace Renato Sanches, who changes his club for Bayern Munich. The article further highlights that the midfielder can also play at the 6 and 8 positions on the field, and even though he is young, he plays maturely, and there is a great potential in him.

Besides, the probable placement for Nagy at Benfica might not come shockingly, as rumours have been around about him and other clubs over the days: so far Freiburg (Germany), Bologna (Italy), Trabzonspor (Turkey), Braga (Portugal) and Benfica (Portugal) have been in talks regarding the future of Ádám Nagy.



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  1. Our Hungarian Brothers, congratulation from Poland!!! Good Luck and see you in Semi-final! God bless you!

    Ia Ia Hungaria!

  2. What a wonderfull succes and what a pleasure to watch the Hungarian National Footballteam!
    Since the Dutch National Footballteam failed to appear on the EC 2016, on our house flies the red-white-green of Hungary!
    We hope they will succeed to maitain their ‘Victory Run’!

  3. Great game! All of Poland is pleased with your success! Best regards and I wish we met in the finals! 🙂

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